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Trainers, Theologians, and Leaders

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Brother Steve Jerbi, OEF

Director of OFMN

Communities where I organize or represent: I organize within the network. I also serve as a pastor at University Congregational UCC in Seattle and support local organizing efforts.

Favorite organizing saying: "all organizing is science fiction." -Adrienne Maree Brown

One random thing: I've been going to Phish concerts since last century.

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Rev. Sue Engh


Communities where I organize or represent:  Grace University Lutheran Church, ISAIAH of Minnesota

Favorite organizing saying: "When in doubt, form a team!"

One random thing: I’ll be serving as camp chaplain this summer at Outlaw Ranch in Custer South Dakota!

    Mama Denise.jpg

    Rev. Denise Graves, DD, MPA, MASM, PhD

    Mama Denise (she, us , all)

    Organizing Networks : PICO (People Improving Communities through Organizing), a multi-faith organizing non-profit organization founded by Jesuits; The MICAH Project (Health Care, Environment, Mass Incarceration, Blight Elimination) , WISC (The Wyandotte County Interfaith Organizing Project); The Louisiana State Organizing Project; The National Health Care Organizing Project; OVNV (International Black and Brown Organizing); The Congo Square Preservation Society; Peace Ministry

    Organizing Sayings: The first revolution is internal; Small is beautiful; There are no permanent allies or permanent enemies;  People organize around their own self-interest; Listening to people is an act of love.

    Randoms:  I am a 40 plus year roller skater, serves as the Chaplin, my skate name is “skatepeace” of the Skate Unit Krewe, we travelled about the country participating in multiple 3 day and night skate jams.


      Rev. Joe Kim


      Communities where I organize or represent: Bothell United Methodist Church

      Favorite organizing saying: Power is a product of relationship

      One random thing: I raise chickens in my backyard garden


        Sister Kelly Marciales


        Based in Palmer, AK


          Rev. Clark Olson-Smith


          Communities where I organize or represent: Zion Lutheran Church, Davenport, Iowa; local Gamaliel affiliate

          Favorite organizing saying: It works if you work it.

          One random thing: “love & justice are not two. without inner change, there can be no outer change; without collective change, no change matters.” --Rev. angel Kyodo williams’


            Rev. Anna Rieke


            Communities To Which I am Accountable: St. John United Lutheran Church - Seattle (ELCA), Organizing for Mission Network, Sound Alliance (IAF)

            Favorite Organizing Saying: "When you know your self interest, it's easier to direct your life...and it's a lot more fun." - Mary Gonzales 

            One Random Thing: In high school, I was confronted by a cougar in the wilderness while hiking. I could almost pet them!


              Bianca Vazquez


              Based in Washington D.C.

                LIT HEADSHOT.png

                Amber West


                Communities where I organize or represent: Leaders Igniting Transformation (LIT) 

                Favorite organizing saying: "A protest with permission is a parade" 

                One random thing: Star Wars > Star Trek 


                  Joey Ager


                  OFMN Shared Leadership Team

                  Communities where I organize or represent: Ecumenical communities in Washington state, through Design For Peace + SWWA ELCA


                  Favorite organizing saying: Power is a product of relationship. 

                  One random thing: Iona is my happy place. 

                    Screen Shot 2022-04-08 at 4.47.38 PM.png

                    LaVeta Gilmore-Jones

                    OFMN Shared Leadership Team

                    Based in Portland, OR

                      Chelsea reduced.jpg

                      Chelsea Kadovitz

                      OFMN Shared Leadership Team

                      Communities where I organize or represent: OFMN, SWCA Synod, Los Angeles Abortion Support Collective

                      Favorite organizing saying: "Any autonomy, self-determination, and freedom that come at the cost of self-mutilation are falsely conceived. Liberation cannot mean liberation from corporeality." - Christopher Marmolejo

                      One random thing: I am always game for a dance party.

                        Joey Lopez.jpg

                        Joey Lopez


                        Communities where I organize or represent: Church Council of Greater Seattle,
                        Queen Ann UMC and broader UMC spaces

                        Favorite organizing saying: “Relationships move at the speed of trust. But, social change moves at the speed of relationships.” - Rev. Jen Bailey (adapted from Steven Covey)

                        One random thing: I technically lived as a monk for a year. (It is possible I am still a monk because I was never released from my “vows.”)

                          mohaupt headshot.jpg

                          rev. dr. abby mohaupt

                          OFMN Shared Leadership Team

                          Communities where I organize or represent: Presbyterian Church (USA), north side of Chicago, climate activists

                          Favorite organizing saying: when you don't know what to do, schedule a one to one

                          One random thing: I eat M&Ms in twos.


                            Rev. Kwame Pitts


                            Communities where I organize or represent: SOUL Chicago, CGN Buffalo

                            Favorite organizing saying: Burning Shit Down.

                            One random thing: My Ancestry I found out is my maternal lineage is from the Mandikia peoples of Senegal


                              Jaszy Segarra


                              Communities where I organize or represent: Leaders Igniting Transformation (LIT)

                              Favorite Organizing Saying: When it comes to outreach, just do it like Nike.

                              One Random Thing: Oat milk lattes are the best!


                                Rev. Tuhina Verma-Rasche


                                Based in Greensboro, NC

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